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Opera singer, Broadway classics, Pop singer, Big band songs, versatile singer
Bringing a touch of elegance to your event, fundraiser, private party or wedding.

Jodi Keogan's versatility as a Classical / Broadway / Great American Songbook singer exemplifies both her skills and flexibility to effortlessly cross-over from one genré of music to another. She performs from Connecticut to Naples, Florida and across the great pond into Europe. Jodi's performances dually impress her audiences with her grace and charisma, only leaving them wanting more!​​

Contact: or 203-257-5450 for booking information and pricing for your special event.

Well, my husband and I went on vacation and the day we arrived in Maine at our B&B, they were scheduled to have a "Barn Party." What's a barn party, you ask? Well, that's when a whole bunch of really nice people come together, bring food and beverages and meet and greet one another. This was a great time and our hosts Polly and Don were the ultimate hosts! While there, they had musicians playing and they asked me to sing. So, when I began to sing Blue Moon, a lovey yellow lab came up to me and was really touched by the music. Yes, music has the soul to "calm the savage beast," although, I have to admit, this was no savage beast, but he was definitely communicating with me and I him. Animal therapy you ask? No, I think the therapy was more for me! What a hoot!!

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