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Broadway/Great American Songbook

“L’ottima interpretazione degli artista ha evidenziato la carateristica forza dello musiche Verdiane, la dolcezza di quelle Pucciniane, e la delicate religiosita della musiche di Mozart e Handel” Il Tempo


"The ultimate interpretations are realized by this artist who displayed the characteristic power of Verdi’s music, the sweetness of Puccini’s music, and the delicate religious nature of Handel and Mozart’s music."

Il Tempo Giornale - Pescara (CH), Italy

Opera singer, Broadway classics, Pop singer, Big band songs, versatile singer

Ms. Keogan's versatility as a Classical / Broadway / Great American Songbook singer exemplifies both her skills and flexibility to effortlessly cross-over from one genré of music to another. She performs from Connecticut to Naples, Florida and across the great pond into Europe. Ms. Keogan's performances dually impress her audiences with her grace and charisma, only leaving them wanting more!​​

Contact Ms. Keogan's Manager, Loni Koller: or 303.818.9600 for information and pricing. 

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